Senior Pet Wellness

Once your dog turns 7 years of age or your cat turns 8 years of age, we recommend that they undergo a thorough senior wellness exam and diagnostic work-up. Even though you may believe your pet is normal, there are many disease processes that do not show any outward signs until the disease is quite advanced. More advanced diseases can be more difficult to treat and are not always as responsive to treatment as diseases diagnosed early.

In senior dogs kidney disease, dental disease, heart disease, obesity, degenerative joint disease (arthritis) & cancer are of particular importance. Pain management for degenerative joint disease in large breed dogs can give these dogs a good quality of life for months to years.

In senior cats kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, obesity and hypertension (high blood pressure) are the diseases we see most often.

Early detection of these disease conditions will allow us to administer the appropriate treatments to help extend your pet’s life.

A thorough physical exam and a comprehensive geriatric blood panel are cost effective and are a good starting point as to the health status of your pet.