• Oct 10 2019

    Thumbnail for Veterinary Technician Appreciation Month

    Veterinary Technician Appreciation Month

    October marks Veterinary Technician Appreciation Month, a time to celebrate the profession and the role that technicians play in veterinary medicine. Also referred to as veterinary nurses, technicians…

  • Oct 03 2019

    Thumbnail for Pet Obesity Awareness Day

    Pet Obesity Awareness Day

    Pet Obesity Awareness Day is October 9th – a day that draws attention to, well, a growing problem. While estimates vary, up to 56% of cats in the United States are overweight! The situation isn’t…

  • Sep 26 2019

    Thumbnail for World Rabies Day

    World Rabies Day

    With World Rabies Day just around the corner, and several cases of rabies reported in people this summer – yes, in North America – rabies awareness is forefront in the minds of public health…

  • Oct 28 2014

    High-tech cats? There's an app for that

    While most cats can appreciate the perfect cardboard box (often one you were about to fill with something), a fine paper ball, or a vintage squeaky mouse, many are in touch with their high-tech side.…

  • Oct 21 2014

    Protecting your cat from high-rise syndrome

    It happens so often that veterinarians have actually given it a name – high-rise syndrome. This term refers to cats falling from heights of over two stories, often from the windows or balconies of…

  • Oct 14 2014

    Brushing your pet

    As pet owners, we like to talk about how much we hate pet hair – particularly on our clothes and in our food. But the reality is, our pets’ coats are one of the things we love about them. The…

  • Dec 06 2013

    Winter Pet Care: Honey, it’s cold outside!

    With winter here, many parts of the country will experience weather conditions that are "not fit for man nor beast." Many pets resist going outdoors into the cold, wet weather, but despite these…