• Aug 01 2019

    Thumbnail for Immunization Awareness Month

    Immunization Awareness Month

    Vaccines are one of the greatest medical discoveries – they fundamentally changed modern medicine. Starting with the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century, more than 20 vaccines have been developed…

  • Jul 25 2019

    Thumbnail for Remote Communities and Veterinary Care

    Remote Communities and Veterinary Care

    When your pet needs routine care, such as a wellness check, vaccinations, or deworming, or is ill or injured, you call your veterinary clinic, make an appointment, and hop into the car to take Fido or…

  • Jul 17 2019

    Thumbnail for Rabies Risks

    Rabies Risks

    While cases of rabies in domestic pets and humans are rare in Canada, and in North America overall, the risk of rabies remains. Tragically, we are reminded of this by the case of a young man in…

  • Oct 28 2014

    High-tech cats? There's an app for that

    While most cats can appreciate the perfect cardboard box (often one you were about to fill with something), a fine paper ball, or a vintage squeaky mouse, many are in touch with their high-tech side.…

  • Oct 21 2014

    Protecting your cat from high-rise syndrome

    It happens so often that veterinarians have actually given it a name – high-rise syndrome. This term refers to cats falling from heights of over two stories, often from the windows or balconies of…

  • Oct 14 2014

    Brushing your pet

    As pet owners, we like to talk about how much we hate pet hair – particularly on our clothes and in our food. But the reality is, our pets’ coats are one of the things we love about them. The…

  • Dec 06 2013

    Winter Pet Care: Honey, it’s cold outside!

    With winter here, many parts of the country will experience weather conditions that are "not fit for man nor beast." Many pets resist going outdoors into the cold, wet weather, but despite these…