At Millwoods East Veterinary Clinic we respect your right to privacy and will not collect, use, or disclose any personal information regarding you or your pet without your consent. The information we seek from you is obtained so that we can provide high quality veterinary service and ensure that you are fully aware of our actions. In all cases, we will only disclose personal information about you in circumstances where we believe that it will be beneficial to the continued good health of your pet.


Situations where the collected information may be used internally by staff of Millwoods East Veterinary Clinic Ltd:

1. To contact you regarding the results of tests, further treatment recommendations, or the progress of recovery.

2. To remind you either by telephone, email or mail that vaccination boosters or other preventative treatments or medications are due.

3. For billing purposes.


Situations where the collected information may be used externally and disclosed to a third party:

1. To a pet insurance company, when the company requests a medical file for a claim.

2. To provide your name, address, and telephone number to the Edmonton Animal Care and Control or the Edmonton Humane Society if they have recovered your lost pet, or to provide your phone number to an individual that has found your pet and we have traced your information through a Rabies tag from our clinic.

3. If your pet is injured when you are not present and it is taken to another veterinary clinic for emergency care. 4. If blood results, and/or radiographs are requested by a referred veterinary clinic for diagnostic testing, treatment, or surgery.

5. If you have requested your file and pet’s medical records sent to another clinic.

6. Microchip or Tattoo registration.